Dog Training Tips To Modify Bad Dog Behavior To Impress Your Friends

If you just recently brought your brand-new dog house, and now you will start some fundamental dog training 101, then ...

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Dog grooming tips

Routine grooming is a vital part of accountable dog care, even if it might appear like your dog is looking ...

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Dog Etiquette

Does your dog lack basic manners? What are dog manners anyway? Rule number one: sit for food and treats! Most ...

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Winter Grooming Tips

When walking dogs in the cold and snow paws can become raw or dry and this can be painful for ...

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Walking Your Dog

If you are having a hard time controlling your dog on a walk, try these tips: Backpack: get a backpack ...

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Keep your animals healthy and happy with pet grooming services from Pets and Shells Salon in Airdrie, Alberta, AB.
Pets and Shells Salon provides full grooming services for dogs up to 60 pounds. Experienced owner operator grooming salon. All breed grooming pet or show style clips.

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Our services and expertise allow you to leave your puppy knowing that they will be left in a caring, low-stress environment.

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At Pets and Shells Salon we know you have put your trust in us to make sure your pet receives the unique attention they deserve.By keeping owners up to date and informed with every decision regarding the well-being of their pet, you are assured peace of mind at affordable prices.

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