Walking Your Dog

If you are having a hard time controlling your dog on a walk, try these tips:

  • Backpack: get a backpack the right size for your dog and put a little weight in it. This will slow your dog down and make her feel like she has an important job! Carry some water and a treat for a reward after the hard work!
  • Training collar: Make sure you are using a collar that is not too loose or not too tight! Try to avoid collars that choke. Also, make sure you are using a short leash that keeps your pup close to you! The collar my dog wears is the “Illusion Collar” by Cesar Millan. This collar is a great tool. Check out this information! http://www.cesarsway.com/illusion-collar-faq

Winter walks too cold or hard for you and your pup? Check this out!

Consider trying your dog on a treadmill. A treadmill is beneficial in many ways for your pup, exercise and focus are good examples! It does take some time and patience to help your pup learn to walk on a treadmill, but the benefits will be good for you both! If you would like to to try this, ask me and I can help!