Dog Etiquette

Does your dog lack basic manners? What are dog manners anyway?

Rule number one: sit for food and treats! Most dog owners know this one, now lets build on that. The key to good dog manners is to make sure your dog is looking to you for queues for what to do next, not you following your dog! Here are a few great ones to practice:

First, before your dog can go out the door for a walk, make sure he/she waits, calmly, for you to go out first. Who goes out the door first will determine who is in control of the walk! Next, indoors or out, before your dog can greet another human, make sure he/she waits, and is calm, before you allow them to come forward, and make sure the dog does not jump on the person!

Make sure you “own” space, for example, keep the dog away from the door as someone enters, back your dog off calmly with your body and legs and signal them wait, and be calm, until your guest has entered the home and you tell your dog when to greet the guest. (calmly!)

As you practice these basic manners, come up with words and hand signals that clearly tell your dog what you want, such as your palm forward in front of the dog to signal “stop!”, and be consistent! Remember to be calm, stand up straight and be patient! Your dog wants a leader and basic dog manners are a great place to start!

You will both benefit and be happy with the results of your hard work! Ask me for more details about helping your dog to learn manners and to have a great walk that will benefit everyone!