Dog Grooming Services


Dog washing with quality all natural dog shampoos and conditioners
Hand dried most of the way the table or kennel dry the rest of the way depending on your puppies needs
Pet or show style clips or shed outs for our shorter coated dogs
Nail trim with every groom unless asked not to
Ear cleaning and plucking unless no plucking is requested
Anal Glands checked and expressed when needed not done on request

When you get to the residential salon you come in and discuss what we are doing with your puppy that, then you leave your puppy/puppies. I will then start working on your puppy right away by bathing, then comes the hand dry then brush out then clip alone wit nails and ear cleaning. About 15 mins before I am done I will call you to let you know you can pick up your beautiful puppy. Small dog grooms take 1.5-2.5 hours to get done. Large dogs all depend on breed and coat type. I only bring in 3 dogs in at a time to keep thing quiet and low stress for your pet and is also how you’re able to get your puppy back quicker than shops that keep your dog all day.